Open Lecture: The Writing on the Wall

«The Writing on the Wall: The Poetics of Architectural Inscription in Medieval Andalusia and the Early Modern Persian World»

Paul Losensky (Indiana University – Bloomington)

May 3rd, 2023


Calligraphy and the written word cover buildings throughout the Islamic world from Andalusia to India. Cast in tile, carved in stone, or cut into stucco, calligraphic forms dominate the surface decoration of both courtly and religious architecture. Though many patterns are based on the repetition of single words or formulaic phrases, other inscriptions feature poems written specifically for their architectural setting, integrating poetry into the material fabric of the structure.

This lecture will examine the rhetoric and poetics of these architectural inscriptions from the late medieval Nasirid palace in Granada to the Mughal royal gardens of Kashmir. As they commemorate the building as a sign of the wealth and power of its patron, these inscriptions also guide the viewers’ gaze to specific architectural features and direct their movements around the structure. In others, the building speaks for itself, celebrating its beauty and explicating the significance of its visual form. Even when the inscription has the basic function of providing the date of the building’s construction, it draws its readers into the somatic experience and semantic meaning of the architectural structure.


Ana Raquel Romão Alves:

Weaponized Women in Contemporary Visual Culture : Representing Military Women in the War on Terror

2nd June 2021
2:30 pm – Zoom meeting

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Meeting ID: 885 1413 0003
Password 701889

Supervisors: Luísa Suzete Afonso Soares and Susana Isabel Arsénio Nunes Costa Araújo
Co-Supervisor: Hilary Neroni

Chairman: Paulo Jorge Farmhouse Simões Alberto

Doctoral jury:

  • Susana Isabel Arsénio Nunes Costa Araújo
  • Maria José Florentino Mendes Canelo
  • Maria Helena Chaves Carreiras
  • Margarida Isabel Esteves da Silva Pereira
  • Filipa Raposo do Amaral Ribeiro do Rosário
  • Ana Bela dos Ramos da Conceição Morais

Sandra Gonçalves Camacho

From Analogue to Image Retrieval: Concepts of Archival Art in Daniel Blaufuks

20th May 2021
2:30 pm – Zoom meeting

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Password: 107584

Supervisor: Fernanda Cândida da Mota Alves
Co-Supervisor: Jan Baetens

Chairman: Maria Cristina de Castro Maia de Sousa Pimentel

Doctoral jury:

  • Manuel José de Freitas Portela
  • Susana Nascimento Duarte
  • Fernanda Cândida da Mota Alves
  • Luísa Suzete Afonso Soares
  • Santiago Pérez Isasi

Pedro dos Santos Querido

Listening to the Tale of the Old Man: Conceptions of Old Age in Radio Works by Samuel Beckett and Wolfgang Hildesheimer

18th May 2021
3 pm – Zoom meeting

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Password: 925445

Supervisor: Ana Bela dos Ramos da Conceição Morais

Doctoral jury:

  • Michael Y. Bennett
  • Régis Augustin François Salado
  • Claudia Jeanette Fischer
  • José Maria Vieira Mendes Lobo Antunes
  • Ana Bela dos Ramos da Conceição Morais

Elisa Scaraggi

Practices and Experiences of Incarceration an Inquiry into Papéis da Prisão by José Luandino Vieira

3rd June 2020
3 pm – Zoom meeting

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Supervisors:                                                                                                          Susana Araújo, Universidade de Coimbra                                                                        Roberto Vecchi, Università di Bologna

Doctoral jury:

  • Ellen Winifred Sapega, Department of Spanish & Portuguese University of Wisconsin-Madison;
  • Susana Isabel Arsénio Nunes Costa Araújo, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Coimbra;
  • Francisco José de Jesus Topa, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto;
  • Maria Manuela Martins Ribeiro Sanches, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa;
  • Inocência Luciano dos Santos Mata, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa;
  • Ana Paula Ribeiro Tavares, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa.


Panel on the job market: Careers for PhDs

November, 27 – 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

FLUL, sala B1

This panel gathers several PhDs who will share their experiences and professional paths – in and out the academia. Besides approaching the opportunities that await the students at the end of their PhD, the speakers will provide useful advices on how to suceeed in a competitive job market.

The panel is organised by Marta Pacheco Pinto, in the frame of the seminar Graduate Research I.

Second round of admissions

PHDCOMP – International Programme in Comparative Studies” announces a second round of admissions for 2015/2016. Applications for the 3 remaining vacancies to the Programme may be submitted by September 10th. All PHD Scholarships for this edition have been awarded during the first round.

For information about the required documents please visit this page.

Results of the 2015/2016 call

Students Admitted to the Programme

  • Daniel Lourenço
  • Daniel Paiva
  • Diana Martin
  • Elisa Scaraggi
  • Eva Dinis
  • Igor Furão
  • José Bértolo
  • Pedro Querido
  • Sandra Camacho
  • Vincent M. Moystad

Students selected for the 5 PHD Scolarships

  • Daniel Lourenço
  • Igor Furão
  • José Bértolo
  • Sandra Camacho
  • Vincent M. Moystad

For detailed scores and information on the evaluation process, please click here.