Graduate Research 1 (S3, 2019/2020)

Year 2, Semester 1

Advanced Tools for Research in Comparative Studies – Marta Pacheco Pinto

Wednesday,  3 p.m. – 6 p.m., room 8.2.

This seminar aims to offer the students a set of essential methodological tools that will help them develop their own work, not only in relation to their PhD dissertation, but also to other future tasks in the field of scientific research (presenting papers, publishing articles and volumes, organizing scientific events, applying for funding, managing projects, etc.).

The specific objectives of the seminar are:

1) to offer the student the tools they will need to develop independent research, both before and after completing their PhD;

2) to develop their capacity to communicate research, both orally and in written form;

3) to develop the student’s ability to respond critically to other people’s presentations, in a manner appropriate to their graduate level.