Block seminar: Marta Puxan-Oliva

23-24 May, 2022
11:00am – 1:00pm
Room B112.B FLUL

Marta Puxan-Oliva (Universitat de les Illes Balears)

Oceanic imaginaries: cross-cultural encounters in geography and literature

This seminar introduces students to Oceanic Studies, an interdisciplinary field that focuses on the social construction of the ocean, especially driven by new conceptions of space in critical and political geography. The ocean here is conceived as a physical space that changes over time, that is being socially used and imagined. These multiple layers produce several conceptions of the ocean, culturally linked to historical facts, idealizations, and diverse traditions as well. Literature has had an enormous influence in shaping, dialoguing, and contesting oceanic imaginaries, changing its perceptions in relation to the changing times. This block seminar will introduce the social construction of the ocean in contemporary literature through an interdisciplinary perspective.

In a first session, the seminar will delve into the field of oceanic studies from the perspective of critical geography and literary criticism, setting the theoretical basis of the discussion based on the work of scholars like Philip Steinberg, Doris Massey, John Hannighan, Lauren Benton, Hester Blum, Elizabeth DeLoughrey or Isabel Hofmeyr. In the second session we will examine South African J.M. Coetzee’s novel Foe and Cambodian Vannak Anan Prum’s graphic memoir The Dead Eye and the Deep Blue Sea: A Graphic Memoir of Modern Slavery. These two literary texts will help us discuss and represent the diverse oceanic imaginaries from the uses of sea for criminal practices like colonial slavery or modern slavery in fishing boats, to revisions of our social perspectives through new materialist perspectives that invite ecocentric conceptions of the ocean.


Marta Puxan-Oliva is Ramón y Cajal senior researcher at the Universitat de les Illes Balears. She has worked for several universities and conducted research stays at Princeton University, the University of Chicago and Harvard University (Marie Sklodowska Curie Outgoing Fellowship, 2012-15). She is a specialist in Comparative Literature, in the fields of narrative theory, comparative racial studies, ecocriticism and global literary studies. She has published articles in journals like Poetics Today, Studies in the Novel, English Studies, Letral, Journal of Global History or the Journal of World Literature. Her book Narrative Reliaiblity, Racial Conflicts, and Ideology in the Modern Novel (Routledge, 2019) bridges narrative theory with the constitution of racial ideologies.

Currently, Marta Puxan-Oliva codirects with Neus Rotger the project “The novel as global form: Poetic challenges and cross-border circulation” (2021-24). For the last few years, she has been working on “global environments” in literature, especially the ocean, studying environmental criminality at sea in contemporary literary and film narratives. She is a member of the research group LiCETC: Literatura Contemporània: Estudis Teòrics i Comparatius.


Open Lecture: Estela Vieira

20th April 2022
5 pm

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Estela Vieira (Indiana University – Bloomington)

Friendships, Communities, Legacies: Women Writers in Nineteenth-Century Portugal

This talk presents my current research: a manuscript devoted to studying a selection of writing by nineteenth-century Portuguese women writers. Women’s writing in Portugal before 1900 remains understudied and poorly understood. Writing penned by women during this time is little known and generally dismissed as second-rate. After summarizing the discourse that has misguided these discussions, I lay out alternative forms of conceptualizing the literary contributions of Portuguese nineteenth-century female authors by focusing on the ways they theorize and articulate in their writing female friendships, communities of women, and legacies of women readers and writers. I then present brief but exemplifying readings from the work of Maria Browne (1797-1861), Ana Plácido (1831-1895), Guiomar Torresão (1844-1898), and Maria Amália Vaz de Carvalho (1847-1921). Such analyses advance our understanding of these texts and writers obliging us to reconsider and acknowledge their cultural and literary import.


Estela Vieira is a scholar of Comparative and Lusophone Studies with special interests in nineteenth-century literature, film, and women writers. Her first book, Interiors and Narrative: The Spatial Poetics of Machado de Assis, Eça de Queirós, and Leopoldo Alas (Bucknell University Press, 2013), studied the function and representation of the interior space in realist novels. She is currently working on a manuscript that studies women authors in nineteenth-century Portugal.

Estela Vieira is also interested in film and has published articles on film and literature, political memory and cinema, and Iberian women filmmakers. Her research has focused on nineteenth-century writers, on Portugal’s cultural history, and on comparative approaches to Lusophone and Hispanic studies.

Pedro dos Santos Querido

Listening to the Tale of the Old Man: Conceptions of Old Age in Radio Works by Samuel Beckett and Wolfgang Hildesheimer

18 Maio 2021
15:00 – Videoconferência Zoom

Acesso à Videoconferência Zoom:
ID da Reunião: 870 4699 3377
Senha: 925445

Orientador: Ana Bela dos Ramos da Conceição Morais

Membros do Júri:

  • Michael Y. Bennett
  • Régis Augustin François Salado
  • Claudia Jeanette Fischer
  • José Maria Vieira Mendes Lobo Antunes
  • Ana Bela dos Ramos da Conceição Morais

Academic Achievements and Career Pathways for PhDs

9th December 2020
4pm – 6pm
Zoom Roundtable

Bruno Henriques (CEC, FLUL)
Elisabete M. de Sousa (CFUL, FLUL)
Esther Gimeno Ugalde (Univ. Vienna)

Chair by Marta Pacheco Pinto

Academic Achievements and Career Pathways for PhDs

This panel gathers three PhDs who will share their academic experiences and professional trajectories and talk about career pathways for PhDs – in and beyond the academy. Organized within the seminar Graduate Research I, coordinated by Marta Pacheco Pinto, the panel is expected to provide useful advice on how to succeed in a competitive job market.


Elisa Scaraggi

Practices and Experiences of Incarceration an Inquiry into Papéis da Prisão by José Luandino Vieira

3 Junho 2020
15:00 – Videoconferência Zoom

Acesso à Videoconferência Zoom :
ID da reunião: 966 7333 5395
Senha: 486345

Orientadores:                                                                                                         Susana Araújo, Universidade de Coimbra                                                                        Roberto Vecchi, Università di Bologna

Membros do Júri:

  • Ellen Winifred Sapega, Department of Spanish & Portuguese, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Susana Isabel Arsénio Nunes Costa Araújo, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Coimbra;
  • Francisco José de Jesus Topa, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto;
  • Maria Manuela Martins Ribeiro Sanches, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa;
  • Inocência Luciano dos Santos Mata, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa;
  • Ana Paula Ribeiro Tavares, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa.

Rayssa Neves


Rayssa Marinho Pacífico das Neves é Licenciada em Letras- Português, Inglês e suas literaturas, com especialização em Ensino pela Universidade de Pernambuco (Brasil) e Mestre em Literatura Comparada pela Dublin City University (Irlanda).

Ela foi admitida no PhD-COMP em 2019/2020. Atualmente, desenvolve investigação sobre o feminino nas literaturas lusófonas pós-coloniais, sob a tutoria da professora Inocência Mata.

Painel sobre o Mercado de Trabalho: Oportunidades para Doutorados

Data: 27 de Novembro de 2019. 14:30 – 16:30
Local: FLUL, sala B1

Este painel reúne à mesa vários doutorados, que irão partilhar as suas experiências e trajectos profissionais – dentro e fora da academia. Para além de abordarem as oportunidades que aguardam os estudantes no final do doutoramento, os intervenientes darão conselhos úteis para se ser bem-sucedido/a num mercado de trabalho competitivo.

O painel é organizado por Marta Pacheco Pinto, no âmbito do seminário Graduate Research I.

Segunda fase de candidaturas

O Programa Internacional em Estudos Comparatistas (PHDCOMP) vai dar início, entre 1 e 10 de Setembro, à segunda fase de candidaturas para 2015/2016. Candidaturas para as 3 vagas sobrantes serão recebidas até dia 10 de Setembro. Todas as bolsas de Doutoramento FCT desta edição do Programa foram atribuídas na 1ªa fase​.

Informação acerca da documentação necessária pode ser consultada aqui.

Candidaturas 2015/2016 – resultados

Candidatos Admitidos

  • Daniel Lourenço
  • Daniel Paiva
  • Diana Martin
  • Elisa Scaraggi
  • Eva Dinis
  • Igor Furão
  • José Bértolo
  • Pedro Querido
  • Sandra Camacho
  • Vincent M. Moystad

Candidatos seleccionados para as 5 Bolsas de Doutoramento do Programa

  • Daniel Lourenço
  • Igor Furão
  • José Bértolo
  • Sandra Camacho
  • Vincent M. Moystad

Informação detalhada sobre a avaliação e sobre a ordenação dos candidatos aqui.