Graduate Research 2 (S4, 2018/2019)

Year 2, Semester 2

Individual Supervised Plan                                                                                        Coord. Fernanda Mota Alves / Ângela Fernandes

The seminar aims at the development of the PhD student’s autonomy and research competences: broadening of the scope of references in his/her chosen scientific area, and familiarization with theoretical and methodological bases considered most appropriate for the thesis project.

The syllabus is defined according to the student’s individual work plan so that the nature of the supervision and the wide range of options offered by complementary activities can be best adapted to support the development and appropriateness of the research to be carried out.

Seminar activities include:

  1. Planning and monitoring by the supervisors, who will discuss with the student the work plan for the semester and the specific issues raised in the course of the research.
  2. Tutorial orientation by the supervisors of the student’s participation in the activities chosen for this semester.
  3. Discussion of the dissertation project before a Qualification Board, with reference to a preliminary essay submitted to the board.