Core Seminars 2019-2020

Semester 1

Topics in Comparative Studies 1

Conspiracy: Theories and Practices – Helena Buescu

Topics in Comparative Studies 2

Memory and Space in Contemporary Literature Fernanda Mota Alves

Semester 2

Topics in Comparative Studies 3

Gender Studies and Ecocriticism in the 21st century – Fernanda Gil Costa

Interarts Seminar

Storytelling and Non-Fiction in Comics/ Recording Life as Performative and Transformative Practice – Jan Baetens & Anneleen Masschelein (KULeuven)

Semester 3

Graduate Research I

Advanced Tools for Research in Comparative Studies – Marta Pacheco Pinto

Semester 4

Graduate Research II

Individual Supervised Plan – coord. Fernanda Mota Alves / Ângela Fernandes