Interarts Seminar (S2, 2017/2018)

Semester 2

28th Feb. – 6th March. 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.  Room 1.26

Part 1: Time and temporality in Literature and other Arts
Sascha Bru (KULeuven)

Time in literature is of the essence. We all have basic notions of narratology and other methods that allow us to gauge certain elementary functions of time in writing.  Most of us will, however, also sense that these are perhaps less rewarding in actually grasping how writing allows us to experience time, and ultimately, history. This seminar will start with a series of 2 theoretical sessions introducing useful ways, old and new, of looking at time and temporality in literature. Special attention will be devoted to how it compares to other arts and media in this respect. In a second series, we will engage in readings of works from various European traditions.


May16-22th. 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.  Room 1.26

Part 2: Phototextuality and the uses of literature
Bart Van Den Bossche (KULeuven)

Literature in the modernist period displays a wide range of interactions between the verbal and the visual. The seminar will focus on the combination of images and narrative writing (short fiction, novels). Alongside  a general take on the different types and modes of combining images and writing (from the verbalization of images over limited numbers of illustrations to phototexts with a substantial number of images), the seminar will take into consideration various factors from book history, media studies, print culture (e.g. seriality, feuilletons, periodical studies, literary journalism,..) to analyze how the interactions between the visual and the verbal can be connected to various uses of literature. Session 1 and 2 will be devoted to theoretical and conceptual approaches, with a focus on literature and photography; sessions 3 to 5 will be devoted to the analysis of cases from various European literatures.