Topics in Comparative Studies 2 (S1, 2017/2018)

Semester 1

Thursday, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Room 1.26

Art and Science: A Critical Approach
Ângela Fernandes

The Seminar will deal with the main issues related to the relations between art and science, namely in the Iberian and Ibero-american contexts, which have been rather neglected in this field of inquiry. The relations between art and science will be discussed not only by examining the recurrent presence of scientific themes in artistic representations, but also, and prominently, through the analysis of significant connections between the distinctive features attributed to both scientists and artists. We will consider the persistence of a critical outlook on the (material, ethical and political) limits of human creativity, as well as the long lasting discussion concerning  the boundaries between the fields of knowledge, the Humanities and the Sciences, and their relative worth.