Teses concluídas

2021. Alves, Ana Raquel Romão: Weaponized Women in Contemporary Visual Culture : Representing Military Women in the War on Terror

2021. Camacho, Sandra Gonçalves: From Analogue to Image Retrieval: Concepts of Archival Art in Daniel Blaufuks

2021. Querido, Pedro dos Santos: Listening to the Tale of the Old Man: Conceptions of Old Age in Radio Works by Samuel Beckett and Wolfgang Hildesheimer

2020. Scaraggi, Elisa: Practices and Experiences of Incarceration an Inquiry into Papéis da Prisão by José Luandino Vieira

2020. Reis, Amândio: Writing the Unknown: Fiction, Reality, and the Supernatural in the Late-Nineteenth Century Short Story (Machado, James, Maupassant)

2019. Bértolo, José. Galeria de retratos : figuras da espectralidade em Manoel de Oliveira e João Pedro Rodrigues