Sandra Camacho


Sanda Camacho concluded her PhD in Comparative Studies in May 2021 with the thesis From Analogue to Image Retrieval: Concepts of Archival Art in Daniel Blaufuks.

Sandra Camacho holds a BA degree in Art and Multimedia from the Faculty of Fine-Arts, University of Lisbon, a Masters degree in Art and Multimedia – Audiovisuals from the same institution and an MA degree in Contemporary Art from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, University of Manchester.

She was accepted to PhD-COMP in 2015/2016 and was granted the scholarship PD/BD/113723/2015. She is carrying out her research project, From the Analogue to Image Retrieval: Concepts of Archival Art in Daniel Blaufuks, under the supervision of Professors Fernanda Mota Alves (University of Lisbon), Jan Baetens (KU Leuven) and Manuela Carvalho (University of Macau)

She is a member in training of the Centre for Comparative Studies (University of Lisbon), where she collaborates with the projects: Off-Off Lisbon: Alternative Urban Narratives and Cinema and the World: Studies on Space and Cinema.

Main publications

2019. “Remembering a Fabricated City: Visiting Terezín in Daniel Blaufuks’s ‘As If…'”. In New Approaches to Cinematic Space, editado por Filipa Rosário; Iván Villarmea Álvarez, 140-152. New York, Estados Unidos: Routledge.

2018. “(re)Reading Index Cards: The archivist as interpreter in susan pui san lok’s News“, 452ºF, nº18, Barcelona: Universitat de Barcelona, Facultad de Filología (130-143). (

2018. “Sintomatologia: o Arquivo na sua relação com as Artes”. In O que é o Arquivo? Laboratório Arte / Arquivo, editado por Inês Sapeta Dias; Maria do Mar Fazenda; Susana Nascimento Duarte. Lisboa, Portugal: Documenta.

2017. “Resonance and Wonder: Susan Philipsz’s ‘Study For Strings'”. Journal on Stereo & Immersive Media1 (2): 72-81.

2017. “RoCH: Fandom and the nostalgic return”. In A Story is Always Born Twice: Issues in Adaptation, editado por Massimo Fusillo; Donata Meneghelli, 145-157. Lentini, Itália: Duetredue Edizioni.