Juan Álvarez Umbarila

Email: jumbarila@campus.ul.pt


Juan Álvarez Umbarila holds a BA degree in Literature from Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá (2013), and an MA Degree in Writing, Editing and Mediating from the University of Groningen (2017).

He entered PhD-COMP in 2018/2019 as an FCT doctoral scholarship holder (PD/BD/143052/2018). His research project is titled “Public Geographies of Literature Today”, and it is being carried out under the supervision of Professors Santiago Pérez Isasi and Jerónimo Pizarro. 

He is a member in training of the Centre for Comparative Studies (University of Lisbon), working with the project Digital Map of Iberian Literary Relations (1870-1930).

Main Publications

2018. “Modernist Polyphonic Geographies of The Book of Disquiet.” EU-topías: Revista de Interculturalidad, Comunicación y Estudios Europeos. Ed. by Vera Alexander, Alberto Godioli and Florian Lippert. Vol 15. Universitat de Valencia — Université de Genève.

2018. “Luis Hernández y los barcos de papel: tránsitos de una obra autógrafa de la producción al archivo.” In: Ilusión y Materialidad: Perspectivas sobre el Archivo. Comp. Jerónimo Pizarro and Diana Guzmán. Ediciones Uniandes.

2017. “From Chest to Window: The Literary Digital Archive and its Mediations.” MA dissertation. Superv. John Flood. Faculty of Arts, Rijksuniveriteit Groningen.

2013. “A todos los prófugos del mundo: dos poéticas en los cuadernos de Luis Hernández.” BA Superv. Jerónimo Pizarro. Facultad de Artes y Humanidades, Universidad de Los Andes.