Elena Cordero

E-mail: ehoyo@campus.ul.pt

Elena Cordero Hoyo holds a BA degree in Journalism and Media Studies (2011) and an MA degree in Spanish Cinema Studies (2013) from the University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid. She is a member of the research group “Presence and Representation of Women in Early Cinema”, from the University of Girona (HAR2015-66262-P), and she is an editor of Secuencias, an online film history journal.
She entered PhD-COMP in 2016/2017, receiving a scholarship (PD/BD/128075/2016).

She is currently carrying out  a research project on women’s access to the cinema industry in Spain and Portugal during the silent period, oriented by Professors Luísa Afonso Soares (Universidade de Lisboa), Begoña Soto Vázquez (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid) and Monica Dall’Asta (Università di Bologna).

She is a member in training of the Centre for Comparative Studies (University of Lisbon), and is part of the research projects Cinema and the World: Studies on Space and Cinema e DIIA-Iberian and Ibero-American Dialogues.

Main publications:

Cordero-Hoyo, Elena. “Helena Cortesina.” In Jane Gaines, Radha Vatsal, and Monica Dall’Asta, eds. Women Film Pioneers Project. Center for Digital Research and Scholarship. New York, NY: Columbia University Libraries, 2013. Web. January 26, 2018.

Cordero-Hoyo, Elena and Soto-Vázquez, Begoña. “Women and the Shift from Theatre to Cinema in Spain: The Case of Helena Cortesina (1903–84)” In Victoria Duckett and Vito Adriaensens, eds. Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film. Volume: 45 issue: 1, page(s): 96-120, 2018.