Amândio Reis


Amândio Reis concluded his PhD in Comparative Studies in January 2020 with the thesis Writing the Unknown: Fiction, Reality, and the Supernatural in the Late-Nineteenth Century Short Story (Machado, James, Maupassant).

Amândio Reis holds a BA degree in Portuguese and Lusophone Studies from the University of Lisbon and an MA degree in Romance Studies from the same institution.

He collaborated in the FCT research projects False Movement: studies on writing and film (Centre for Comparative Studies, 2012-2016) and Narrative & Medicine: (con)texts and practices across disciplines (University of Lisbon Center for English Studies, 2013-2015).
He was admitted to PhD-COMP in 2015/2016, with a fellowship from the FCT (FRH/BD/100075/2014). He carried out his research on the ideas of fiction and knowledge in late-nineteenth century short fiction, focusing on Machado de Assis, Henry James and Guy de Maupassant, under the supervision of Professors Helena C. Buescu (University of Lisbon) and Régis Salado (University Paris Diderot – Paris VII).

He was a member in training of the Centre for Comparative Studies (University of Lisbon), working as part of research Projects RIAL – Reality and Imagination in Art and Literature and Comparative World Literature. He was teaching assistant in the BA in Comparative Studies, at the School of Arts and Humanities, University of Lisbon.

Main publications:

2017. “’The hundred-thousandth part of what exists’, or, representing the Horla in visual media”, in Massimo Fusillo e Donata Meneghelli, eds. A Story is Always Born Twice: Issues in Adaptation, Lentini: Duetredue Edizioni [upcoming].

2017. “A história do futuro: ‘Tombouctou’, de Guy de Maupassant”. Lettres Françaises, No. 18 (1).

2017. “Aprender a ler, aprender a cair: literacia e transgressão em ‘The Pupil’, de Henry James, e ‘Missa do Galo’, de Machado de Assis”. Aletria: Revista de Estudos de Literatura, Vol. 27, No. 1 (249-270).

2016. “«Como um seixo na praia»: Outra forma de escrever (o Horla)”, in Clara Rowland e Tom Conley, eds. Falso Movimento: ensaios sobre escrita e cinema, Lisboa: Cotovia (127-145).

2013. “Os Filmes (D)escritos de Ana Teresa Pereira: Nightmare, de Alfred Hitchcock, e The Double, de David Cronenberg”, MATLIT: Materialidades da Literatura, V. 1, No. 2 (25-38).