Seminários 2017/2018

1.º Semestre

Topics in Comparative Studies 1
Emotions in Literature: Rhetoric, Cultural Regulation of Affects and CognitionFernanda Mota Alves

Topics in Comparative Studies 2
Art and Science: A Critical Approach – Ângela Fernandes

2.º Semestre

Topics in Comparative Studies 3
Short Fiction across the Atlantic: Theories and Practice – Cristina Almeida Ribeiro

Interarts Seminar
Time and Temporality in Literature and other Arts / Phototextuality and the Uses of Literature – Sascha Bru / Bart Van Den Bossche

3.º Semestre

Graduate Research 1
Advanced Tools for Research in Comparative Studies – Santiago Pérez Isasi

4.º Semestre

Graduate Research 2
Individual Supervised Plan – coord. Fernanda Mota Alves