Bernardo Ferreira


Bernardo Marin Diniz Aires Ferreira holds a BA degree in Cinema (Screenwriting) from Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema, Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa, and an MA degree in Comparative Studies from the School of Arts and Humanities, University do Lisbon.

He was admitted into PhD-COMP in 2018/2019 as an FCT scholarship holder (PD/BD/143047/2018). His research focuses on lists and catalogues, memory and identity, under the supervision of  Professor Helena Buescu and co-supervision of Professor Jan Baetens.

He is a member in training from the Center for Comparative Studies, where he is part of the Research Project Comparative World Literature


2019. “Should I also make a garden out of the desert?”: A Case Against Invisible Hermits. Ekphrasis 21.3 (2019), pp. 22-39.

  1. Entre Silêncio e Silêncio: Lista e Revelação (MA dissertation), Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa.