Eva Dinis

E-mail: eva.dinis@campus.ul.pt

Eva Dinis has a BA degree in Modern Languages and Literatures (Portuguese and English) from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and an MA degree in Portuguese Language and Culture from the Universidade de Lisboa. She has participated in the Playing Identities and CILM Research Projects.

She was admitted into the PhD-Comp programme in 2015/2016 as a doctoral student and in 2016/2017 she was granted a scholarship (PD/BD/127928/2016). She is currently developing her research on “The Speculative Fiction of Maria Judite de Carvalho and Margaret Atwood – Interrogative Genre”, under the supervision of Professors Susana Araújo (Universidade de Lisboa) and Rita Monticelli (Università di Bologna).

She is a member in training of the Centre for Comparative Studies and is part of the CILM Project.

Main publications:

ARAÚJO, Susana and DINIS, Eva. 2012. “’Securing’ Identities after 9/11: Challenges to Migration and Creolisation in Joseph O’Neill’s Netherland”, in Tommaso Sbriccoli & Stefano Jacoviello (eds.), Shifting Borders. European Perspectives on Creolisation, Cambridge Scholars Publishing.