José Bértolo


José Bértolo holds a BA degree in Languages, Literatures and Cultures (2013) and an MA degree in Comparative Studies (2015) from the University of Lisbon . He organized conferences, seminars and workshops, and programmed film cycles in academic and non-academic contexts. His research is mainly focused on film studies and interart studies/intermediality, with a particular emphasis on relations between film and other arts, as well as on questions of representation and figuration, ontology, and the materiality of images, realism and spectrality, melodrama and film analysis, especially in Portuguese, French  and Classical Hollywood cinema.

He was admitted to PhD-COMP in 2015/2016 with a fellowship (PD/BD/113726/2015); he is currently carrying out an individual project on spectrality in Portuguese cinema, particularly in the works of Paulo Rocha, Manoel de Oliveira, João Pedro Rodrigues, and Pedro Costa, under the supervision of Professor Fernando Guerreiro (Universidade de Lisboa), Professor Clara Rowland (Universidade Nova de Lisboa), and Professor Teresa Castro (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3).

He is a member in training of the Centre for Comparative Studies (University of Lisbon), where he has collaborated in the research projects False Movement – Studies on Writing and Film, (Re)Written on the wind – melodrama among the arts, and Cinema and the World: Studies on Space and Cinema. He is currently part of the team of the research project RIAL – Reality and Imagination in Art and Literature.

Main publications:

2017.“‘Um lugar indeciso’: Geografias do imaginário no ciclo asiático de João Pedro Rodrigues e João Rui Guerra da Mata”, in Catarina Nunes de Almeida and Marta Pacheco Pinto (orgs.), O Oriente em Tradução: Línguas, Literaturas e Culturas no Espaço Luso. V.N. Famalicão: Húmus.

2016Imagens em Fuga: Os Fantasmas de François Truffaut. Lisboa: Documenta.

2016. “A vida das imagens: The Fall of the House of Usher, segundo Jean Epstein”, Organon, V. 31, N.º 61: Literatura e outras linguagens, 117-132.

2016. “As palavras e os corpos: François Truffaut”, in Clara Rowland and Tom Conley (orgs.), Falso Movimento: ensaios sobre escrita e cinema. Lisboa: Cotovia, 93-106.

2015. A Escrita do Cinema: Ensaios. Lisboa: Documenta. José Bértolo and Clara Rowland (orgs.).